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Country Story

USA/ HD/ Color/ 64min/ 2011


Chris Lambert, Austin Will, Erik Jensen, Audrey Kovár, Dusty Decker, Mandy Treanor

Directed, edited, photographed, produced by

Ian Clark


Ian Clark


Keegan Dewitt

Executive Producers

Brenda Jackson, Joel Clark

Associate Producers

Sam Kuhn, Austin Will

Assistant Camera

Jeremiah Marshall, Scott Nearing, Andrew Creasy


Travis Hale


A loving portrait of small-town America, sun-filled days, and easy livin’.

Medium Synopsis

Small-town slacker Jason still lives at home with his mom Shelly (played by newcomers Chris Lambert and Mandy Treanor). Content with idle days, Jason spends his time navigating joblessness, sipping on tall boys, and shooting the shit with his two pals, Tyson and Noah (Austin Will and Erik Jensen, Kosmos, Peter, and the upcoming, In Search of the Miraculous). Their casual pursuit of relaxation cause Jason to make a mistake that leads to hurt feelings and creates tension at home. Thus, he sets off with his pals deep into the backwoods, to visit an old friend (Dusty Decker) and try his hand at redemption — all the while maintaining a phlegmatic, possibly fleeting crush with longtime friend Lacy (Audrey Kovár, Summer Snapshot).

At once poetically sublime and playfully comedic, lyrical and sardonic, Country Story is a tender and loving homage to small-towns and quieter landscapes. Defined by both fiction and verité, Country Story honestly portrays the everyday drama that can exist anywhere.


"Remarkable, unmannered authenticity." — Nick Dawson, FILMMAKER

"I love how realistic it felt, and the cinematography was beautiful." — Andrew Droz Palermo

"Ian Clark tells his story with lyricism, brevity, and framings that are truly aware of what they’re showing, whether it’s the sky, a street, a landscape, or people having a conversation. A very particular small-town tale, and — therefore — a truly universal one."BAFICI